People Handling

Who is this course for?

Health and Social Care workers are often required to assist patients with their mobility, or may need to assist a patient in turning or moving while in bed.
This course covers the skills necessary to help staff safely assist patients when doing so. Participants typically include carers including family carers and home carers, social carers.

Training Objectives:

On completion of this course participants will be able to:

  •         State the relevant safety legislation  
  •         Identify risks of working with patients  
  •         Identify and assess when and which mechanical aids should be used when moving or handling patients  
  •         Move, Handle and Transfer patients safely  
  •         Describe the limitations of the spine and methods of lifting/movement which can protect the back  
  •         Recognise situations when its too heavy or awkward to lift


Course Syllabus:

There are two elements to this training – Theory & Practical, and these will cover:

  •         The Law and how it applies to the manual handling environment
  •         Muscular skeletal system and its limitations
  •         Biomechanics & Mechanism of Injury
  •         Flexibility
  •         Ergonomics & Risk Assessment
  •         Basic Principles of Lifting
  •         Inanimate Lifting – Basic Lifts  
  •         Falling or Fallen Patient  
  •         Turning Patient in bed  
  •         Moving Patient up in bed  
  •         Sitting Patient Forward  
  •         Moving seated patient up in bed  
  •         Moving Patient from bed  
  •         Moving seated patient from bed to chair  
  •         Assisting patient to walk


Course Assessment:

There is a written test and a practical in Manual Handling Skills, assessed by your Instructor.


Course Validation:

The course is structured in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Health & Safety Authority and fulfils current Health & Safety Legislation requirements.
The Instructors are trained to the QQI Standards as Manual Handling Instructors and are from a healthcare background. 


Additional Information:

Any special needs / requirements should be identified at the time of booking. Participants should be advised to dress appropriately, due to the nature of the course, there will be manual skills.
NB: Flat shoes and loose clothing e.g. tracksuit should be worn for the practical aspects of this course
Course Length: 8 hours. Refresher training may vary. 
Maximum no. Participants: 6-8 per instructor

Course Features

  • Date:
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Max Participants: 8
  • No. Of Seats:
Price : €95

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