Bespoke Training

Bespoke Training

We are happy to provide custom, bespoke training to meet the needs of your individual groups. This can be job or task specific manual handling or first aid training, or add-ons over and above the traditional standard courses.

Below are some examples of the custom or bespoke training we have done. These are just to give an example of the range of activities we can offer, contact us to discuss your needs.


First Aid

  • Management of Anaphylaxis for Childcare workers who already have FAR Training
  • Management of Anaphylaxis for Childcare workers who have Paediatric First Aid Training
  • Lone worker First Aid, in 2 hour blocks, for Chicken & Pig farmers – focusing on catastrophic bleeding and farm accident
  • First Aid for Family Carers
  • First Aid for those who are deaf / hard of hearing.
  • Basic First Aid for Youth Groups & Scouts for badges
  • First Aid for those from minority groups (Refugees / Members of the Travelling Community / Youthreach)


Nurses / Doctors / Physiotherapists:

  • Sports First Aid for General Practitioners and Physiotherapists
  • BLS and Emergency Medication / Anaphylaxis Training for Dentists and Dental Nurses
  • BLS and Anaphylaxis Management for Practice Nurses


Fire Safety

  • Fire Safety for Social Care Worker working in the Home
  • Fire Safety for HomeCare Workers
  • Fire Safety for Nurses / Carers working in Dementia Day Care
  • Fire Evacuation for those with additional needs such as Autism, for Social Care Workers.
  • Fire Safety Management


Manual / People Handling

  • People Handling for Home Carers
  • Manual Handling and Use of a Wheelchair for Social Care Workers
  • Manual Handling and assisting the fallen person for Social Care Workers


HACCP / Food Safety

  • Food Safety for Warehouse Operatives
  • Food Hygiene Awareness for cafe staff
  • Food Safety for the Social Care Sector
  • Food Safety Awareness training delivered to Service Users in a Day Service for people who have an Intellectual Disability.


Social Care Sector:

  • Combined New Starter Training Packages – First Aid, Manual Handling, Fire Safety, Food Safety, Medication Awareness.
  • Task specific Manual Handling
  • House Specific Fire Safety

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