IHF/PHECC CFR Instructor Course

Who is this course for?

This 2-day course is designed for those who would like to learn how to teach Heartsaver AED, CFR Community, and CPR for Family & Friends.
This instructor course is dual-certified by IHF and PHECC.
Instructor candidates must hold current Certification in AHA Heartsaver AED or PHECC CFR (CFR Community or CFR Advanced).


Who needs this course?

Anyone wishing to become a Heartsaver or Basic Life Support Instructor.

Instructor Competencies

Heartsaver AED & CFR Community Instructors must be proficient in all Heartsaver and CFR C skills and able to teach IHF/ AHA/ PHECC courses correctly and as they were intended – with a high standard of ethics and professionalism. Instructors must be able to test candidates effectively. Instructors also need to be able to manage space, time, materials and paperwork in compliance with IHF, AHA and PHECC, and their own training site’s guidelines.

Course Syllabus:

CFR portion of the course includes:

  • Stroke assessment (FAST Assessment)
  • Heart attack and the administration of aspirin
  • Patient Handover and CFR report
  • Infection Control
  • Post event issues (critical incident stress awareness and debrief)
  • Team resuscitation
  • Pre Course Considerations


Course Assessment:

Learners are assessed on an ongoing basis throughout the course.

Course Certification:

Successful completion of the course leads to dual-certified by IHF and PHECC.

Post Course Certification Requirements:

Following the 2-day Instructor course, candidates must attend 3 Provider courses within 90 days (3 months) of the initial instructor course date:

  • Course 1 – Observe an IHF CPR course being taught by an experienced, currently certified IHF CPR Instructor
  • Course 2 – Assist on an IHF CPR course being taught by an experienced, currently certified IHF CPR Instructor
  • Course 3 – Teach on an IHF CPR course while accompanied by an experienced, currently certified IHF CPR Instructor, and be monitored and signed off by an IHF BLS Faculty Member

Successful instructors who are signed off by an IHF BLS Faculty member will receive an IHF/AHA Heartsaver AED Instructor Card and an IHF/PHECC CFR Community Instructor card, both of which are valid for two years.

Maintaining Instructor Certification:

Heartsaver AED & CFR Community Instructor certification is valid for two years from the date of the initial instructor course.
To be eligible to re-certify, instructors must teach on a minimum of four IHF/ AHA/ Provider Courses including courses with a CFR add-on.
Recertification should be conducted before the current instructor card expires.
To re-certify, the instructor must successfully demonstrate all Heartsaver AED and CFR Community provider skills, complete any relevant updates as required (e.g. guidelines updates) and should be monitored by an IHF BLS faculty member while teaching on any of the IHF Heartsaver AED Provider courses (Heartsaver AED, Heartsaver Online, Heartsaver AED & CFR Community Add-on).
Instructors will only be able to recertify as a CFR Instructor through the IHF CPR programme as long as they also retain current Heartsaver Instructor Certification. If this certification has lapsed, instructors will not be able to renew with IHF but may be able to recertify as a CFR Instructor with another PHECC recognised Training Institution.

Additional Information

Any special needs/requirements should be identified at the time of booking. Participants should be dress in comfortable clothing that allows them to engage comfortably in the skills sections of the course such as CPR and the Recovery Position.

Course Features

  • Location:
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Max Participants: 12
  • No. Of Seats:
Price : €550

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